Why Choose An Event Planner?

Unsure of the cost/benefit of choosing an Event Coordinator versus planning your event solo?

Let me Answer Some Questions for You!

Q: Who are my clients?

A:  Anyone and Everyone that is throwing a party or an event!  

Q:  How is Stephanie Rae Events different from other event planners?

A:  I have local New Smyrna Beach knowledge, vendor relationships, and the skills to plan and execute a flawless event!  I grew up coming to NSB and living here off and on over the past 35 years.  My expertise in venue spaces, catering, rentals, and general stuff to do while you and your guests are in town, make me an invaluable part of planning an event in New Smyrna Beach.  Plus, I’m a lot of fun to work with 😉

Q: At what point in the party planning process should I bring in an event planner?

A:  At any point!  But if you want to save yourself a ton of time and money, start in the beginning!  I can help you set a budget, create a timeline for planning the event, and work hand in hand to see that your vision is met and exceeded for your special event.  

Q:  Why is having a planner so important?  Can’t I just DIY it myself?

A:  Trial and Error.  As a professional event planner I have spent countless hours figuring out what works and what doesn’t!  I have taken the time to get to know local vendors and built relationships based on trust, dependability and quality.  I take your vision, wave my magic wand, and make all of it a reality!

Q:  What can I expect from working with a professional planner?  

A:  A timeline of events.  A detailed budget and someone to help track expenses and when payments are due.  Monthly, weekly, and then daily updates leading up to the event.  A collaboration of how you want to achieve your vision and the steps to take to get there.  I will narrow down options and choices for you so all you have to do is make final decisions.

Q: How much time is involved working with a planner when you already have a busy schedule?

A:  An initial one hour consultation call to establish details of the event and the timeline.  Then monthly check ins to make sure everything is on track and in line with the timeline.

A lot of the back and forth can easily be done through email or phone calls.  Very little of your time is required!

Q:  Planning a party can be expensive, how do I justify the additional expense of an event planner?

A:  I say, how can you afford NOT to hire one?!?  The time it takes to call vendors, set up meetings, email back and forth, create detailed To Do lists, create the “look, feel, vibe” of the party are all things I have over 15 years experience doing.  I wouldn’t try to trim my own trees, or set up a 20’x30’ tent by myself.  I hire a professional to do those things!  

The time it SAVES you more than justifies the money SPENT on a professional planner.  

I’d be thrilled to offer consulting, planning, or coordinating for your next event! Send me some info & I’ll get back to you right away!

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