Health and Wellness Retreat vs. Vacation

The older I get, the more stressful it is to plan and take a vacation.  I’m still in work mode when I get there and usually bring my laptop along “just in case.”  This causes me to stress about the money I’m spending on my vacation while I’m still working and not relaxing!  By the time I finally unplug, start to unwind, and decompress, it’s time to go home.  And the only thing I’ve gained for this precious time off is about 10 pounds from eating and drinking too much.  Sound familiar?

Here are seven reasons why going on a Health and Wellness Retreat is better than a regular vacation.

The long-term benefits.  The nature of a retreat is the intent behind it.  A health and wellness retreat is intended to focus on your health.  And wellness.  So you’re already setting yourself up for success by embarking on this kind of experience.  By cIMG_5638reating a healthy lifestyle that incorporates nutrition, mindset, and physical movement you are more likely to continue this journey when you get home.  According to a study conducted by the Translational Psychology magazine, the health benefits of a simple vacation only provide short-term improvements in well-being.  However, a week of meditation can improve metabolism for the long run.

Peace away from your regular routine.  A Health and Wellness retreat automatically implies a calm, serene atmosphere.  Whether the setting is the beach, mountain, or lake it is sure to be secluded from the normal hustle and bustle we are used to.  A retreat allows you to practice daily mindful meditation.  It also allows you to connect with nature by going on walks in the woods or along the beach.  When you’re at a retreat you unplug from everything the minute you walk in the door, thus allowing your body, mind, and soul to fully disconnect and heal.

Nature helps you unwind.  Being in proximity to nature provides a healing a touch.  Have you ever gone for a long walk and immediately started to feel your mood shift?  You start to notice the color of the flowers, butterflies, the blue sky, shapes of clouds…  The color blue itself has a very healing effect.  That’s why going on a beach retreat or spending time at the ocean or a lake is so important.  Why you should visit the beach regularly

imagesYou are surrounded by like-minded people.  A retreat is going to naturally attract people with a similar interest.  This provides bonding, trust, and on-going support from one another even after you leave the retreat.  It’s a great way to find an accountability partner to help keep you on your health and wellness path.

Access to professional guidance.  Having professionals and health coaches at your fingertips during a retreat is priceless!  As someone who struggles with thyroid disease for several years now, I have spent hundreds of dollars, if not more on finding the right professionals.  A retreat provides you access to the right professionals or healers who can coach and guide you in a natural and holistic way through workshops and one-on-one coaching during the retreat.

You don’t have to worry about planning.  The retreat host or planner (like myself) has cropped-34444c392f45c88f9923e45a63686980-e1503678689638.jpgdone all the planning for you!  They’ve chosen and secured the perfect venue; beach house, mountain lodge, lake house.  The activities are predetermined so all you must have is a willingness to participate.  Meal prep and cooking is all taken care of.  This is reason alone to go on a retreat!  You don’t have to lift a finger during a retreat, just focus on you, your health, and your well-being.

It’s more economical.  A retreat is more affordable than an all-inclusive vacation or cruise because it includes everything those things do plus experts!  Your accommodations, healthy food and snacks, activities, meeting like-minded people, and total restoration and transformation are included in the price.

Are you ready to book your health and wellness retreat vacation this year?  Contact me for a list of retreats I’m hosting this year.

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