Which Type of Retreat is Right for You?

You’re a business owner and mostly interact with your clients online.  Maybe you’re a business coach or mindset coach or perhaps you’re a web designer.  In this fast paced world of everything being digital, wouldn’t it be nice to slow things down a bit and connect in person with your amazing clients?  There’s something to be said for face to face human interaction, something our current society has shied away from.  Looking into someone’s eyes, seeing their smile lines, sharing a laugh are all crucial to forming a lasting bond and relationship.  Not to mention, it’s good for business 😉

Why Face-to-Face Meetings Are so Important

If you’ve been thinking about hosting your own retreat, here are some great tips on how you can use a retreat to grow your business.  It’s undeniable that retreats have become a powerful and lucrative way to build your business and form on-going relationships with your clients.  There are three things to consider when hosting a retreat or trying to decide if you should host a retreat for your business.

A retreat can be part of a package or offering that your clients are already buying.  For example, you’re a business coach and you have a mastermind program that your clients sign up for to get a year of on-going coaching and support from you.  Great!  You can add a retreat (at the beginning or end) of that offering as part of the price for the mastermind.  This is an awesome way to bring a group of like-minded clients together to network, coach, and form an on-going relationship throughout the upcoming year.  Keep in mind the cost of the retreat should be equal or less than the cost of what one client is paying you for the mastermind.  i.e. if the mastermind program costs $8,000/person your entire retreat budget should be no more than $8,000.

The second reason to host a retreat is to make a huge profit.  With this option you want to keep your expenses relatively low, provide a high end/luxury experience for your clients, and create amazing value that you offer them.  For example, if you’re a photographer you could offer a retreat for your clients to learn how to take amazing landscape photo’s.  By providing an all-inclusive experience (meals, lodging, activities, time with you and your expertise) that offers tremendous value, you can maximize your profit.

Thirdly, hosting a retreat is a great opportunity to grow your current client base and recruit new clients.  This type of retreat is all about keeping the cost (for you) and the attendee’s low.  If you are looking to break even on the cost of the retreat, but grow your client base this type of retreat is for you!  You’re still going to provide incredible value with your expertise and in-person connection without all the expense of a luxury style retreat.  The goal of this retreat is to create an offer at the end of the retreat for the attendees that keeps them working with you.  Perhaps the venue is smaller or the over night accommodations are optional.  You want to keep the format simple for this retreat.  You are solving one or two of their problems, that’s it.  This way it sets you up to keep working with them on an on-going basis.

The type of retreat you choose will help set up the budget and ticket price for the attendees.  I’d love to hear what kind of retreat you’re planning!  Shoot me an email or FB massage.  Of if you’d like to chat more about if hosting a retreat is right for you, let’s schedule a call!

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