Healthy Habits-Where the #*%& do I begin?

Being healthy isn’t a choice I make everyday.  It’s a lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself and my family.  What’s the difference in choosing and just being?  It’s because the choices have become a habit.  Making the same choice, eat the broccoli instead of the fries, day after day, except for the occasional cheat day, makes them a habit and therefore the way I live my life.  I choose not to make excuses; the fries here are soooo good!  Instead I know that making the same good choices over and over will give me lasting, long term results.  There are weeks that go by that I don’t get a chance to workout or really exercise, but I don’t worry that I’m going to gain 10 pounds overnight.  I know that eventually I will get back in the habit of daily exercise and I maintain a healthy, balanced diet to offset when I get busy.

Does this mean I’m perfect and am the model of health and wellness?  No, of course not.  I only know what works for me to help me FEEL the best I can possibly be.  The feeling I get after a good workout session or waking up in the morning with a flat stomach far outweighs the temptations I face throughout the day.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have a chronic illness that has drastically changed the way and what I eat.  I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid which basically means my metabolism, energy, and immune system are F%&^ed!  Even though I am on synthetic medication it’s not enough to make me FEEL normal.  My body and my mind did a 180 on me and I had to start doing some serious research to figure out what my body needed to help it start to function again.

Eliminating gluten was the first step in helping my body function again and for me to feel better.  I know this seems like a huge fad right now, which has helped me find better snacks and eating out options, but I saw an immediate difference after just one week of going gluten free.  It wasn’t just my waistline that needed help.  I was feeling fatigued, lack of energy, and generally blah too.  The culprit?  Stress.  So I set a resolution for 2018 to start meditating.  Originally I wanted to meditate everyday for 5 minutes.  I’m happy to say I completed a whole 30 consecutive days of meditation in January.  But, in typical Aquarius fashion, I veered from my resolution and started meditating whenever I remembered or was feeling particularly stressed.  But this choice became a habit for me which is now part of my healthy lifestyle.

What areas of your life are you struggling with?  Is it a sugar craving?  Fitting in daily exercise to your busy schedule?  Stress or binge eating?  Or maybe it’s the 2-3 glasses of wine every night…once you identify what it is that’s keeping you from feeling your best, you can start to make different choices that will change your daily habits.  For more information or to join me for my 2 hour workshop on Healthy Habits click here.  To download my FREE Healthy Holidays Guide click here.


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